Benefits of Maintaining TPMS in Your Car

tire pressure being guaged on tire

TPMS: The Simple System That Save your Tires 

Since 2007, vehicles have been required to have a tire pressure monitoring system, or TPMS for short. This system utilizes sensors in your tires to check tire pressure and monitor the air in your tires. The system is designed to alert drivers when they need more air in their tires or when their tires are not operating as efficiently as possible. 

Benefits of a Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The tire pressure monitoring system in modern vehicles is a wonder of engineering. By giving drivers access to information about their tires, the TPMS has numerous benefits and uses. 

1. Constant Information About Your Tires

Tire pressure information is critical for safe driving and efficient operation in modern vehicles. Your tire pressure monitoring system is an essential provider of constant information about the condition of your tires. Whether your car is equipped with a simple TPMS light or is more sophisticated, the TPMS provides vital information about your vehicle as you drive. 

2. Indicates When Your Tires Are Low 

The primary function of a tire pressure monitoring system is to alert you to low-pressure tires. This information can help you know when to correct the pressure in your tires to enable your vehicle to run more efficiently. You want your tires to be properly maintained and have the correct pressure as you drive. Your tire pressure monitoring system gives you the information you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly. 

3. Alerts You to Leaks and Punctures

If your TPMS light comes on promptly after filling your tires, it could be that there is a loose seal or a leak in your tires. Your tire pressure monitoring system can alert you to slow leaks or punctures in your tires that can cause them to lose pressure. 

When you have a leak in your tires, it's important to have it looked at by an expert as soon as possible. The crew at T.O. Haas Tire & Auto is here to help when you need tire repair or auto services. 

4. Promotes Fuel Efficiency

The tires are the foundation of your vehicle. When your tires are at their correct pressure, the rest of your car can run more efficiently. While you'll notice this in handling and braking, low tires will significantly impact your fuel efficiency. With low tires, your vehicle has to work extra hard to go the same distance. However, your car can operate more efficiently when your tires are maintained and filled correctly.

Ensure your tires are at their proper fill rate when your TPMS light comes on to increase your car’s efficiency. 

5. Ensures Safe Driving Conditions

Your tires are designed to maintain proper pressure while handling and gripping the road. Low or overfilled tires will not grip the road as effectively as they should. This can lead to sliding, insecure road handling, or a poor driving experience. 

Your tire pressure monitoring system can help you determine whether your tires are correctly filled. If you have a low tire signal, you should restore your tires to their appropriate fill for the safety of you and your passengers. 

6. Helps Your Tires Last Longer

Low-pressure tires cause unnecessary wear and tear. When tires are not filled to the proper rate, they will wear out more quickly than correctly pressurized tires. If properly maintained, tires should last around 60,000 miles. However, low tires can wear down much more quickly. Driving around on low tires will require additional trips to the tire shop to buy new tires

Thanks to your tire pressure monitoring system, which will alert you when your tires need filling, you can keep them correctly maintained to help them last as long as possible. 

7. Optimizes Performance

Your TPMS alerts you when your tire pressure is low. When your tires are adequately filled with air, your vehicle's performance is optimized. Tires that are well cared for and at the correct pressure rate help everything run more efficiently, including braking and handling. Your car runs better when your tires are in good condition and at the right pressure. Your tire pressure monitoring system enables you to keep your tires appropriately filled to optimize your vehicle's performance. 

Trust T.O. Haas Tire & Auto with Your TPMS

The crew at T.O. Haas Tire & Auto is proficient in recalibrating and repairing your tire pressure monitoring system. Our skilled mechanics will have your TPMS operating efficiently and precisely. Make us your home for auto repair. 

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