Omaha Tire Shop Tips for Tire Maintenance

omaha tire shop tips for tire maintenance

If you neglect your tires’ maintenance needs, don’t be surprised if you have to get tire replacements ahead of schedule. Most tires have a life span of three to five years, but uneven tread wear and other issues can reduce the service life of your wheels.

On the other hand, visiting a qualified tire shop for regular maintenance work can lengthen your tires’ lifespan, boost your wheels’ performance, and keep you safe on the road. Here, you’ll find valuable tips on tire care from the pros at T.O. Haas Tire & Auto.

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Know What Tire Services You Need

The first step in protecting your vehicle’s tires is understanding the tire maintenance services they rely on. These services include:

Tire Rotation

Not every wheel on your car is responsible for handling an equal amount of your vehicle’s overall weight. As a result, some of your tires will naturally wear at a faster rate than others — but tire rotation can help.

When you visit a tire store for tire rotation, mechanics will move each of your vehicle’s tires to a new spot. To get the full benefits of tire rotation, you’ll need to schedule this service regularly. For many drivers, that means rotating their tires whenever they get an oil change.

Tire Alignment

Tires are meant to make contact with the ground at a very specific angle. If that angle is off by even a tiny bit, it could lead to uneven tire wear and other severe problems for your wheels.

Taking care of tire alignment is a quick, easy way to avoid this issue. While providing this service, mechanics will make precise adjustments to your car’s suspension to help your tires meet the road exactly like they should.

Tire Balancing

When the tires on your vehicle have different weights, they’ll have trouble working together as effectively as they should. Since tread wear and other factors can affect your tire weight, your wheels might lose balance over time.

Imbalanced tires can cause issues such as a rough ride and vibrations in your steering wheel. Tire balancing can help — the technicians handling this task will measure your tires and attach small weights to any underweight wheels.

Tire Repair

Damaged tires don’t always require tire replacement. A qualified tire shop might be able to repair your tires instead (assuming there aren’t other issues, such as uneven tread wear, bubbling, or damage close to the sidewall).

Take Care of Your Tires Throughout the Year

As the seasons change, so do your tires’ maintenance requirements. Read on to learn what your tires need in:


Snow is a common sight in Lincoln, NE, so you need tires that are ready to deal with wintry conditions. With that in mind, you should switch to snow tires or all-weather tires before the first snowstorm of the year hits. Additionally, the area’s chilly winter temperatures can affect tire pressure, so be sure to check your pressure levels on a regular basis.


Unlike winter, spring isn’t all that demanding for the average set of wheels. Still, there are a few tire maintenance tasks you’ll want to take care of at this time of year (most notably, removing and replacing snow tires).


If you’re planning a road trip during the summer, you’ll want to ensure your tires are prepared for the journey. Before you set out, visually inspect your tires for bubbling, tread wear, punctures, and other danger signs.


Fall is another low-key season for tires, but local drivers shouldn’t get complacent — after all, winter is just around the corner. Instead, make a point of getting your tires professionally inspected during this time of year. If you don’t already have a set of wheels capable of dealing with ice and snow, this season is the perfect time to shop for tires.

What To Look For in a Tire Shop

Not all auto shops are equally skilled when it comes to providing tire maintenance services. If you’re searching for a Nebraska tire store you can trust, prioritize businesses that offer:

  • Skilled mechanics. The key to successful auto maintenance is finding a shop that employs ASE-certified mechanics. These professionals are more qualified than anyone else in the industry, which means they can deliver the best possible tire service.
  • A strong service selection. While tire maintenance is essential, it’s far from the only type of work your vehicle needs. Therefore, your auto shop of choice should offer a full lineup of auto repair and maintenance tasks.
  • Opportunities to cut costs. Even if your shop’s tire maintenance services are relatively affordable, these expenses can add up. Good tire stores help their clients with this by providing online coupons and financing opportunities.
  • Locations in your area. Are you searching online for “tire locations near me”? No matter where you live in the Lincoln area, you deserve a tire shop located as close to your home as possible.

T.O. Haas delivers all these advantages and more. We’ve been hard at work since 1947— get tire maintenance from the region’s most experienced tire store by scheduling your appointment today!

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