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Absolutely nobody enjoys inconveniences such as mechanical breakdowns and tire blowouts. However, did you know that you can minimize your chances of these inconveniences?

At T.O. Haas, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle in running condition, which is why we staff our service center with ASE-certified mechanics and use affordable, high-quality replacement parts to ensure that you can always care for your vehicle without breaking the bank. 

Whether you need routine maintenance services, quality auto repair services, or some TLC for your tires, look no further than T.O. Haas. Schedule an appointment today, and feel confident that your vehicle is in the hands of trusted professionals. 

Prevent Costly Auto Repairs With Timely Maintenance 

At T.O. Haas, we can't stress enough how important routine maintenance is for your vehicle. Routine maintenance plays a vital role not only in your vehicle's reliability but also in its performance and fuel economy throughout its life. Staying on top of your vehicle’s factory-recommended maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid costly repairs while enjoying your vehicle's best fuel economy and performance.

Factory-recommended maintenance can be found in your owner's manual, where you'll find milestones and timelines that act as a guideline for when each of your vehicle's maintenance services should be performed. If you can't find your owner's manual or perhaps you purchased your vehicle pre-owned and your owner's manual was not included, you can typically find a complimentary digital copy of your owner's manual online with a simple internet search.

While your owner's manual is a fantastic resource to understand your vehicle's maintenance needs, each vehicle will have unique needs depending on how an individual drives and uses their vehicle.

How Driving Habits Affect Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Some drivers find themselves frustrated. The issue isn't always the fact that they’ve purchased a lemon, but sometimes it's a matter of their driving habits and how they service their vehicle. How you maintain your vehicle plays a large role in its reliability and longevity through the years; however, how you drive your vehicle also plays a large role in how your vehicle needs to be maintained.

For example, if you are heavy-footed or you put excess demands on your vehicle, your vehicle is going to need more frequent maintenance. This principle not only applies to your oil changes but also affects virtually every mechanical aspect of your vehicle. For example, drivers who operate their cars largely in urban areas will likely notice that their brake pads need to be replaced more frequently than those who drive mostly on the highway.

Suppose your driving style places additional strain on your vehicle’s components. In that case, we encourage you to speak with one of our Omaha mechanics and use your owner's manual as a reference to best care for your vehicle and minimize the chances of a breakdown.

We’re Here for All Your Repair Needs

Our Omaha auto repair shop is a full-service maintenance and repair center — we do it all! Here are just a few of the many auto repairs that our car mechanics complete on a regular basis:

  • Oxygen sensor replacement
  • Thermostat replacement
  • Water pump replacement
  • Alternator replacement
  • Ignition coil replacement
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Mass air flow sensor replacement
  • Power steering pump replacement
  • Serpentine belt replacement
  • Catalytic converter replacement
  • Check engine light diagnosis

Let's Talk About Your Tires

Although your vehicle is composed of hundreds of different components, your tires are the only parts of your vehicle that actually touch the road. This makes it vitally important to ensure that your tires are maintained and always in their best shape. 

T.O. Haas is a full-service tire center that features all of the services you need to keep your tires performing their best. Whether you're shopping for new tires or you need trustworthy maintenance or repair services, our car mechanics are certified to handle all of your vehicle's tire-related needs.

Tire Maintenance 

While your tires may operate silently, they still require some TLC throughout their lives to ensure longevity. This includes not only keeping your tires inflated but also regular tire rotations, tire pressure checks, and even routine inspections of your tire tread. At T.O. Haas, you can always trust that your tires are in the hands of the experts.

Tire Rotation 

A regular tire rotation promotes even tire wear and helps to maximize your tire life. Various factors, such as weight distribution, drive configuration, and even driving habits, can greatly affect how your tires wear on the front axle versus the rear axle. Routine tire rotations ensure that tire wear is spread evenly between all four tires and help you get the most life from your set of tires.

Tire Balance 

As your tires are manufactured, tiny imperfections can translate to harsh vibrations once your tires begin to roll. Tire balancing is the act of placing small counterweights on the side of your vehicle to counter these vibrations and ensure that your vehicle operates smoothly on the road. 

Tire Repair Services 

Got a flat tire? Is your tire leaking air? Allow our experts to get your tires repaired and get you back on the road. Whether you need tire patch services, valve stem repair, or a tire inspection, our car mechanics and tire experts can give you our best advice on whether your tire can be repaired or if it must be replaced.

Trust T.O. Haas for All Your Auto Needs

At T.O. Haas, all of your auto-related needs are waiting for you under one roof. Whether you're in need of trustworthy maintenance services, car repair, or tire-related services, our Omaha auto repair facility is here for all of your automotive needs.

We even offer spectacular service promotions that allow you to take advantage of remarkable savings while enjoying auto services from certified mechanics. Schedule an appointment at T.O. Haas today, and trust that your vehicle is in the right hands. 

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