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tire shop maintenace schedule

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Tire care is a crucial part of auto maintenance, but protecting your tires involves more than just visiting a tire shop every now and then. When you create a reliable schedule for tire maintenance and stick to it, you’ll help your tires reach their maximum life span and enjoy several other benefits.

Are you new to the world of tire care, or are you an experienced driver looking to refresh your knowledge of this topic? In either case, here’s what you should know about tire maintenance services and when to schedule them:

Why Tire Maintenance Matters

Like any other form of auto maintenance, tire care services can have a notable and positive effect on your vehicle. When you make tire maintenance a priority, you’ll:

  • Help your wheels last longer. Tires that aren’t taken care of will face issues such as uneven tread wear, and they’ll need to be replaced early as a result.
  • Get better tire performance. Among other advantages, new tires deliver better traction than older wheels.
  • Protect your safety while driving. When your tires are in good shape, they’ll be less likely to blow out unexpectedly.

When Do You Need Tire Services?

Even if you understand the importance of tire maintenance, you may not know how often to make appointments for tire services. To simplify this process, follow these scheduling tips for:

Tire Alignment

The angle of your tires matters more than you might think. If your tires are even slightly out of alignment, it could spell trouble in the form of uneven tread wear and other problems. Luckily, regular wheel alignment is a highly effective way to keep your tires in place.

It’s common for a car’s tires to be a bit misaligned after a year or two on the road. Thus, scheduling alignment work once a year or so is a good idea. However, you might need this service earlier than expected if you are involved in a collision or hit a significant bump in the road.

Tire Rotation

Most drivers would assume that all four wheels on their vehicle encounter identical amounts of strain, but the truth is a bit more complicated than that. If left unchecked, some of your tires will wear down faster than others — but tire rotation can help you avoid this issue.

Unless your vehicle manufacturer suggests otherwise, you’ll want to take care of tire rotation once every 3,000-6,000 miles. Instead of scheduling a dedicated appointment for this task, you can ask the people working at your tire store to rotate your tires whenever you get an oil change. (Because new tires have an increased risk of uneven tread wear, it’s best to get them rotated after 5,000 miles.)

Tire Balancing

When one or more of your tires weigh a different amount than the rest, your wheels will have a tough time working together, and you’ll need tire balancing to set things right. While working on this service, mechanics analyze the weight of each tire on your vehicle and attach weights to wheels that don’t weigh as much as they should.

For most drivers, it’s best to take care of tire balancing at the same time as tire rotation. Of course, depending on your driving habits or other factors, you may need to schedule this service more often than usual.

Tire Repair

When one of your tires is punctured or damaged, your top priority should be visiting a tire shop to resolve this issue. In many (but not all) cases, qualified mechanics will be able to repair your damaged tires instead of replacing them. Of course, unlike the maintenance services described above, you’ll only need tire repair work if your tires have actually sustained damage.

Tire Replacement

Not all tires can be safely repaired. If your tires have sidewall damage, bubbling, uneven wear, or dangerously worn treads, you’ll need to buy one or more replacement tires.

You’ll also want to think about tire replacement when your tires are about to reach the end of their useful life span. On average, a tire’s service life should last somewhere between three and five years (assuming it receives regular maintenance). If your tires are approaching this point, it’s wise to have a plan in place for replacing them.

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By now, you should have an idea of why tire maintenance is necessary and how often your vehicle needs these services. That leaves just one more question to answer: Where should you go to take care of tire maintenance in Lincoln, NE?

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