TPMS Sensor Light: What Does it Mean?

flat tire from failed TPMS sensor

Vehicles have been required to have a tire pressure monitoring system since 2007. Since that law was in place, technology has progressed to help drivers better understand precisely what is happening with their tires. However, there can be some ambiguity with modern tire pressure monitoring systems. For example, a tire pressure light can be solid or blink, depending on which issue your vehicle is experiencing.

At T.O. Haas Tire & Auto, you can count on our team to help diagnose and repair your system issues quickly. Our expert mechanics have all your auto service needs covered. 

TPMS Meaning

TPMS stands for tire pressure monitoring system. The system is a series of sensors and wires that indicate your vehicle's tire pressure. These helpful tools can help you know when your tires need more air to keep you safe as you drive. Sensors now connect to indicators on your dashboard to tell drivers when they have low tire pressure or a system error. 

Blinking TPMS

1. Wiring Issue

A frayed or burned-out wire could cause a system malfunction in your TPMS. While the low tire pressure light system uses low voltage, the wiring can burn up or become damaged over time. If your wiring cannot send a signal or has an inconsistent current, it can cause your TPMS light to blink on your dashboard. 

Replacing the wiring to your tire pressure monitoring system requires a thorough knowledge of your vehicle. The experts at T.O. Haas Tire & Auto can help diagnose and repair your wiring issue skillfully and precisely. 

2. Sensor Malfunction

If your sensor is broken or is malfunctioning, it could be indicated by a blinking low tire pressure light. Like most things in your vehicle, the tire pressure monitoring system sensors can wear out or get damaged as you drive. With malfunctions or failures, the TPMS light on your dashboard will start to blink. 

More advanced systems offer exact readings for your tire pressure. The sensors within the system may indicate which tire is low or how much air your tire needs. While this technology is a benefit most of the time, the additional technology has more potential to malfunction. A skilled mechanic can help diagnose and correct a sensor malfunction in your vehicle’s TPMS. 

3. Sensor is Turned Off or Disconnected

If the sensor becomes disconnected or disengaged, it could cause your tire pressure light to blink. This could happen from a poor connection between the sensor and the wiring or jostling from driving. A disconnected or offline sensor leaves you in the dark about the actual pressure of your tires. While there’s no need to panic, it is best to get it checked out. 

Solid TPMS Light

A solid TPMS light indicates you have low tire pressure, but, there could be a slight hiccup in your tire pressure system. If you restart your vehicle and the light is still on, there is an issue with your tire pressure. Drivers should fill the tires to the appropriate level for them to function correctly. 

Your tires are designed to grip the road and provide safe handling as you drive. Underinflated tires could cause ineffective handling or unnecessary wear and tear on your tires. . Driving on compromised tires can lead to a dangerous situation. If your low tire pressure light stays on, you will need to know what to do. 

What To Do When Your TPMS Light is On

When your tire pressure light is on, there's no need to panic. If the light is solid, your tires need to be refilled to the correct pressure. We recommend keeping a manual tire pressure gauge in your vehicle to help you know exactly how much air you need. Most gas stations will have an air system to quickly fill your tires to the right pressure. 

If your light is blinking, there is a system error. This signal requires more diagnostic procedures.  While a system malfunction is not an emergency, it indicates something is wrong. If you don’t know your exact tire pressure, you could be driving on a low tire. When the TPMS light is blinking, we recommend getting service done as soon as possible. 

Get Expert TPMS Service at T.O. Haas Tire & Auto

When something goes wrong with your TPMS, you want expert eyes on the issue. The team at T.O. Haas Tire & Auto has you covered. Our ASE-certified mechanics have the skills and state-of-the-art tools to diagnose and correct your TPMS issue.

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