Complete Lincoln Auto Repair and Preventive Maintenance Service

There is no need to search any further than Lincoln T.O. Haas Tire & Auto for all the Lincoln auto repair services and preventative maintenance work your car needs. Our goal is to provide the most cost-effective car repair service, using the experience and training of our ASE-certified mechanics, who are qualified to perform everything from complete oil change services, brake repairs, tire repairs, and sales, to more complicated auto systems like front-end work and AC repairs. Our transmission shops are one of the best in the Lincoln area!

Car Repair Service Excellence Is Our Goal

Lincoln T.O. Haas Tire & Auto provides complete car care. Our Lincoln auto repair shops offer everything to keep your car in top condition.

We provide:

  • Wheel alignment service: Our alignment experts will make sure your tires are riding smoothly on the road’s surface.
  • Engine diagnostics: Our mechanics work with the latest technology, enabling engine diagnostics and regular tune-up services to optimize your engine’s performance.
  • TPMS service: We will check your tire pressure monitoring system for accuracy.
  • Car battery checks: If your car is slow to start—or won’t start at all—our mechanics will perform a starting and charging system check.

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Preventative Car Maintenance Is the Key

Our preventative car maintenance service is designed to catch small problems before they become large, expensive repairs. Schedule at our Lincoln auto repair shops, so our mechanics can check the following:

  • Oil: This includes an oil change, lube, and a new filter.
  • Fluid levels: We check and top off all fluids, including coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, battery water, and windshield washer fluid.
  • Filters: We check all system filters.
  • Coolant: We check for harmful corrosion and determine if the system needs to be recharged.
  • Belts and hoses: We check for cracking, fraying, or glazing, and adjust them as needed.
  • Tires: We check air pressure, balancing, rotation, and front-end alignment, and more, so you get the most out of your tires.

Preventative maintenance can stop you from being stranded in dangerous situations on the road. At T.O. Haas, our preventative maintenance program includes regular service at 30,000-, 60,000-, and 90,000-mile intervals.

Check our coupons and savings! Check back frequently for special sales, promotions, and great everyday prices!

Lincoln T.O. Haas Tire & Auto is Your One-Stop Tire Shops

Some car repair appointments can be delayed for a better day or time. Tire problems can’t wait. A tire issue must be addressed immediately. Safety is always first!

Our full range of tire services includes:

  • Flat repair
  • Tire rotation
  • Tire balancing
  • Tire alignment
  • Tire pressure check

Furthermore, T.O. Haas can replace your tires at a competitive price that fits your budget, and our online tire selector makes it easy to choose the best tire for your needs. Our tire specialists will be glad to advise you, too.

We sell all leading tire brands, including:

  • Kelly Tires
  • Michelin
  • Falken Tire
  • Yokohama
  • Dunlop
  • BF Goodrich

Lincoln T.O. Haas Tire & Auto wants to be a valued part of your car care team!

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Lincoln Auto Repair FAQ

Can I ask a car mechanic for a quote?

Before you pick an auto repair shop in Lincoln, Nebraska, you’ll want to fully explore your options in the local area. That means knowing what warning signs you should look out for—and what signs can indicate that you’ve found a trustworthy car mechanic. One crucial (but commonly overlooked) factor is a shop’s willingness to provide quotes for its services.

When an auto shop is ready to give you an estimate for how much your repairs will cost, it means they’re letting you decide whether or not you’re prepared to pay that amount for their services. On the other hand, shops that won’t provide quotes might be trying to hide inflated rates for their work.

If you’re looking for an honest Lincoln-based repair shop, you’re looking for T.O. Haas Tire & Auto. As our strong reputation would suggest, we offer quotes for all our maintenance and repair services. Take the first step by requesting your quote today!

Are local auto repair shops cheaper than dealerships?

Are you looking for auto repair services in Lincoln? For some drivers in the area, the answer to this question is actually “no.” They’ve opted to take care of their service needs at their dealership. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but you shouldn’t assume that your dealership is the best option for car repair in the local area. Auto shops like T.O. Haas can deliver even better service than dealerships can; better yet, you’ll pay a fraction of the price a dealership would demand.

Meanwhile, other Lincoln drivers also get dealership service for their vehicles—but not by choice. That’s due to a still-prevalent misconception that getting service elsewhere will void your car warranty. Fortunately, American law prevents dealerships from canceling warranties based on where drivers opt to handle their service needs. Even if you’ve just bought a new car, the T.O. Haas crew can help you keep it on the road for years to come!

How can I avoid expensive car repairs?

The best way to avoid pricey car repairs is the same way you can avoid other large purchases—by steering clear of them entirely. Needless to say, it’s impossible to avoid auto repairs 100 percent of the time. Still, keeping up on preventive maintenance can help you seriously lower your risk of major breakdowns and extend your vehicle’s lifespan.

But, no matter how lucky you are on the road in Lincoln, you’ll need to talk to a car mechanic at some point in your vehicle’s service life. When that time comes, your goal should be to find an auto shop boasting fair prices for their work. Luckily, T.O. Haas can deliver in this department.

The best auto shops in Lincoln go above and beyond by offering extra savings on top of their already-low rates. At T.O. Haas, you’ll be able to take advantage of a bevy of online coupons. Beyond that, feel free to look into our tradesmen savings and overstock specials!

Is car maintenance the same as auto repair?

There’s no denying that “car maintenance” and “car repair” are similar-sounding terms. Despite this, the services they describe differ slightly. Car maintenance services are all about keeping your car running correctly (for example, oil changes fall into this category). On the other hand, auto repair services deal with fixing problems that have developed in your vehicle.

If you’re a driver in the Lincoln area, T.O. Haas should be your first and only stop when your car needs maintenance or repair service. Our ASE-certified mechanics can take care of these jobs and many others:

  • Oil changes
  • Brake repair and brake pad replacement
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Climate control system repair
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Battery service

When you’re dealing with the issues these tasks are intended to resolve, your “check engine” light may activate. But these aren’t the only cases where this light may turn on—sometimes, it may seem to light up for no reason at all. Since this light is meant to point to serious car trouble, it’s not something Lincoln drivers can afford to ignore.

But, since the “check engine” light is just a light, you won’t be able to glean much info from it without help. Finding out more about what’s wrong with your vehicle requires specialized diagnostic equipment. The mechanics at T.O. Haas have access to the tools needed to discover your car’s issues, and they’ll be able to get your vehicle back in shape immediately!

What car maintenance do I actually need?

At T.O. Haas, we believe there’s nothing wrong with saving money on car repair and maintenance—within reason, anyway. That said, it’s entirely possible for drivers to take things too far when trying to cut costs. If you’re thinking about cutting your service needs to the absolute minimum by ignoring signs of trouble, you could do more harm than good before you know it. And dealing with the larger-scale problems this approach can create is an expensive proposition, wiping out any savings you may have briefly enjoyed.

On the flip side, some Lincoln drivers are too gung-ho when taking care of their vehicles. Even if you can check your tire pressure and replace worn-out windshield wipers, you shouldn’t try to take care of all your car’s service needs on your own. While oil changes and other “minor” tasks may sound easy, that’s not the case for most local motorists. These jobs should be handled by qualified professionals with the equipment and knowledge needed to finish them without a hitch.

Instead of falling into either extreme, we’d encourage you to take the balanced route. Don’t pretend your car troubles are nonexistent, but don’t assume they’re your sole responsibility, either. Schedule an appointment at T.O. Haas today—you’ll be glad you did!

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