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There is simply no better way to protect the performance and life of your vehicle than by regular oil, lube, and filter changes. The oil flowing through your car’s engine system is responsible for keeping the engine operating at peak capacity, so the oil must be as clean as possible. The teams at your Lincoln, Nebraska, auto repair shops are ready to help!

The engine consists of many parts moving at the same time, which creates friction as they work. The oil is a lubricant to prevent any grinding between the components. The friction creates heat, so the oil also becomes a cooling agent as it moves through the engine system. Meanwhile, the oil absorbs small pieces of debris and other harmful particles created during the combustion process. That debris is then trapped in the oil filter to keep the oil as clean as possible to make another circuit through the engine. If the oil becomes dirty or low, metal grinds against metal, and the engine can overheat, causing it to eventually fail.

A vehicle chassis includes the undercarriage of the vehicle, which carries the weight of the vehicle, allows it to flex, and includes the components needed for turning the car. That means the mountings for the suspension springs, shocks or struts, and steering arms are part of the chassis, too.

The “lube” part of an oil change involves applying chassis lubrication, which is a lithium grease, to any part of the chassis. This minimizes wear and seals the joints against moisture contamination. More modern vehicles come with a number of parts that are considered “lubed for life,” such as ball joints, tire rod ends, and U-joints. However, one of our Lincoln oil change mechanics can tell you if chassis lubrication is still recommended. Check in your owner’s manual, too, for the manufacturer’s recommendation about having the chassis on your vehicle lubed.

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Preventive Oil Changes are Key

Driver neglect is one of the main reasons many car systems fail. Don’t wait until you smell burning oil or your oil change light comes on before getting an oil change—it may be too late.

Check your oil yourself every month. Click here for a short lesson from Consumer Reports on checking the oil in your car.

Keep all your regularly scheduled oil change service appointments at your Lincoln T.O. Hass. As our Lincoln oil change specialists change the oil in your vehicle, they are also looking for other issues that may need attention immediately or in the near future. Consider us part of your car care team!

A T.O. Haas oil change includes the following:

  • Up to five quarts of Valvoline 5W-20 or 5W-30 oil
  • Installation of a new oil filter
  • Topping off of all fluids
  • Lubrication of the vehicle’s chassis
  • Free tire rotation upon request

A full-service oil change at T.O. Haas is one you can rely on. We also offer oil change specials every day! Click here to take advantage of our money-saving offers!

Contact us online, or call your Lincoln T.O. Haas today regarding your next lube, oil, and filter change.

Lincoln Oil Change Service FAQs

How much should an oil change cost in Lincoln?

The price of an oil change varies according to where you go for oil change service, but generally, it costs between $25 and $75. Whether you’re planning to go to a quick lube franchise, your dealership, or elsewhere, we invite you to come to our Lincoln auto repair shop for your next oil change.

Not only will you have expert mechanics under your hood—you can also save at T.O. Haas in Lincoln. We always offer our customers ways to save on our services, including oil change coupons and specials.

How do you know if you need your oil changed?

The most obvious sign that it’s time for an oil change is an illuminated light on your dashboard if your vehicle is equipped with this indicator. Otherwise, here’s what to look for:

  • Your oil level is below the recommended range: We recommend checking your oil once a month. If it’s dangerously low, you risk an engine breakdown or, at worst, engine damage that can’t be repaired.
  • Your oil is dirty: As motor oil circulates, it collects contaminants and other particles that are caught by the oil filter. If your oil looks dark and feels gritty when you check it, you should get oil change service.
  • New or unusual noises: The job of motor oil is to prevent the metal-on-metal grinding of moving parts. When your engine isn’t being lubricated as it should be, you may hear knocking or other sounds you haven’t noticed before.
  • Your exhaust is smoky: There will be some vapor from your car’s tailpipe with normal operation of your vehicle, but if you see smoke instead of vapor, make an appointment for an oil change.

How many oil changes should you get a year?

At the very least, have your oil changed once a year. For the best driving performance and engine protection, however, you should have it changed more frequently. Every 3,000 to 5,000 miles is a good starting point, but late-model cars and trucks that use full synthetic oil can go much longer between changes.

How long does an oil change take?

Oil change service is fast and efficient and can be done in less than 45 minutes. It involves draining the old oil from your car or truck, replacing the old oil filter, and putting new oil into your engine.

At T.O. Haas, our conventional oil change includes lubricating your vehicle’s chassis, topping off fluids as needed, and rotating your tires for free upon your request.

Do older cars need more frequent oil changes?

Cars with a lot of years on them do need to have more frequent oil changes than late-model cars. One reason is that vehicles more than ten or so years old usually use conventional instead of synthetic motor oil. Your older car needs an oil change roughly every three months or 3,000 miles in most cases, but you may be able to go five months or 5,000 miles.

Even if you don’t have a car that’s older than ten years, you may still need frequent oil changes if:

  • You consistently make short trips of just a couple of miles
  • You regularly drive in very high or low temperatures
  • You mostly drive stop-and-go in traffic
  • You haul heavy loads often

If you have an older vehicle or drive under the conditions listed above, make an appointment at our Lincoln auto repair shop for an oil change.

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