Oil Change Warnings: The Consequences of Driving Without Oil in Your Car’s Engine

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Do you own a vehicle in Omaha, Nebraska? If so, you’ve probably heard a lot about why oil changes are essential for local drivers. Among other benefits, this service keeps engines clean, cool, lubricated, and rust-free.

Even so, you might not have spent much time considering what would happen if your vehicle had no oil. Here’s what you should know about the dangers of driving a car without oil or driving with oil that can no longer protect your engine.

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What Happens When You Drive Without Oil?

If you tried to drive a vehicle with no motor oil, it might still function — for a few minutes, at least. However, the complete lack of engine lubrication would force its moving parts to grind against each other, causing a ton of wear and tear. That means using an oil-less vehicle for any amount of time would inevitably result in a seized engine.

Oil is also responsible for controlling engine heat, so that it wouldn’t be long before an oil-less engine would overheat. Between these issues and others, the average engine couldn’t function for more than half an hour without access to motor oil.

Don’t Rely on Dirty Motor Oil

While most Omaha drivers know that driving a vehicle without oil is a serious problem, your car’s oil situation is more nuanced than you’d think. Even if your car has sufficient oil, that oil won’t be very helpful if it’s dirty.

As oil circulates through your vehicle, it will inevitably break down and collect dirt. When that happens, it will become less effective at the tasks it’s designed to perform. Though this situation isn’t quite as disastrous as driving a car without oil, it’s not something you can afford to neglect, either.

Instead of ignoring engine oil in your vehicle, it’s in your best interest to prioritize regular oil changes. By doing so, you’ll be able to:

  • Enhance your vehicle’s performance. Since engines are designed to work with clean motor oil, replacing your oil every so often is a great way to keep your car running smoothly.
  • Avoid engine failure. Paying attention to your vehicle’s oil change needs will significantly decrease your chances of dealing with seized engines and other serious problems. 
  • Optimize your fuel efficiency. Thoroughly lubricated engines don’t need to work as hard as engines without sufficient lubrication. That means they can use less fuel to deliver the same results.
  • Protect your car’s warranty. Many new and certified pre-owned vehicles come with dealer and manufacturer warranties, but skipping regular maintenance can nullify the warranty. You can hang on to your vehicle’s warranty by getting regular oil changes and other maintenance services.

Oil Change Factors to Consider

Though oil change service is important for every car on the road today, the details associated with this work can vary from one driver to the next. To maximize the positive effects of your Omaha oil changes, take a minute to think about what kind of oil to use.

Oil Type

Whenever you get an oil change, you’ll need to choose one of these oil types:

  • Conventional oil. This type of oil starts as natural crude mineral oil, but it’s partially refined to enhance its performance. While it’s the cheapest, conventional oil isn’t the right choice for most drivers — it offers poorer performance and a shorter life span than other products.
  • Full synthetic oil. Conversely, full synthetic oil is an entirely artificial oil type that excels in engine protection. Though it costs more than conventional oil, it can last much longer than other oils. 
  • Synthetic blend oil. Synthetic blend oil is a mixture of the two oil types described above. It’s cheaper than full synthetic oil, better at protecting engines than conventional oil, and has a reasonably long service life.
  • High-mileage oil. Finally, high-mileage oil is designed for use in cars that have been on the road for at least 75,000 miles. This oil comes with specialized additives prepared with these vehicles’ needs in mind.

Oil Change Schedule

Your oil type will affect your oil change interval, but that isn’t the only factor you’ll need to think about while creating a schedule for this service. Along with that, you’ll want to consider:

  • Your vehicle’s age. As your vehicle ages, its engine will start to use oil less efficiently than before. Along with that, newer engines benefit from advances in automotive design.
  • The weather where you live. Omaha residents are used to hot and cold temperatures, both of which can impact the condition of your oil.
  • Your driving habits. If you have severe driving habits such as regularly towing heavy loads or driving on dirt roads, you don’t need to panic — at least, not if you get oil changes more frequently than usual to compensate.

Know Where to Get an Omaha Oil Change

If it’s been a while since the last time you took care of oil change service, you’ll want to set up an appointment for this work right away. That said, not every auto shop in the Omaha area can deliver equally high-quality oil changes. To find the right shop for your service needs, look for businesses that provide:

  • Skilled mechanics. ASE-certified technicians are the industry’s most knowledgeable, skilled workers — making them the perfect people to handle your next oil change.
  • Full-service oil changes. While replacing your oil, the best local shops also provide services like chassis lubrication, oil filter replacement, fluid top-offs, and tire rotation (upon request).
  • Opportunities to save. Though low prices can certainly help make it easier to afford oil changes, your shop of choice should also help you save money with valuable coupons and financing opportunities.

Only one auto shop in Omaha can deliver all of these benefits, and that’s T.O. Haas Tire & Auto. If you’re ready to get the best oil change Nebraska has to offer, set up an appointment right away!

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