Oil Changes In Omaha: Why You Should Switch to Synthetic Oil

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Conventional oil is still the most widely used type of oil on the market today. But despite this product’s popularity, it’s probably not the best fit for your vehicle’s needs. In fact, today’s synthetic oil options outclass conventional oil in almost every way imaginable.

Do you still get conventional oil whenever you need an oil change in Omaha, NE? If you do, it’s in your best interest to switch to synthetic oil as soon as possible. Here’s the complete T.O. Haas Tire & Auto guide to the benefits of a synthetic oil change service — and how to find the right synthetic oil for your needs.

Understand the Major Oil Types

Before your next Omaha oil change, it’s a good idea to read up on the most prominent oil types available today. These include:

Conventional Oil

AKA “regular” or “standard” oil, conventional oil is sourced from partially refined crude mineral oil. While it’s cheaper than other oil types at the time of purchase, it will inevitably accrue dirt and grime faster than synthetic options, meaning you’ll have to get oil changes more frequently.

Full Synthetic Oil

Unlike conventional oil, full synthetic oil is produced in a factory or laboratory setting, making it a highly refined oil option. This oil type is better at dealing with high temperatures than conventional oil is; along with that, it won’t break down as quickly. Though fully synthetic oil does command a higher price than conventional oil, it will also provide much more effective engine protection. Additionally, its extended life span will allow you to wait longer between oil changes.

Synthetic Blend Oil

If you’d like to get the advantages of full synthetic oil but aren’t ready to pay the full price for this product, synthetic blend oil may be the right choice for you. As you might expect, this product is a combination of conventional oil and full synthetic oil. That means it will provide a longer lifespan and better protection than conventional oil while costing less than full synthetic oil.

What Synthetic Oil Type Is Right for You?

These days, roughly 45% of all vehicles rely on either full synthetic oil or synthetic blend oil. Since synthetic oils deliver better engine protection and longer lifespans compared to conventional oil, it’s not hard to see why these oil types are increasing in popularity. But even if it’s not hard to choose between conventional and synthetic oil, you’ll still need to make one more decision: whether you want full synthetic or synthetic blend oil.

When it’s time to make this choice, be sure to consider your oil:

  • Impact on your engine’s lifespan. Compared to synthetic blend oil, full synthetic oil delivers better viscosity, enhanced performance at extremely high and low temperatures, and more stable chemistry. Because of that, full synthetic oil can extend an engine’s lifespan much more effectively than synthetic blend oil.
  • Overall performance. There’s no denying that full synthetic oil delivers better performance than conventional oil. Since synthetic blend oil contains both of these oil types, its performance will depend on its ratio of conventional to full synthetic oil.
  • Cost. Because it combines full synthetic and conventional oil, synthetic blend oil falls somewhere between these two options in terms of pricing. At the same time, synthetic blend oil must be changed more often than full synthetic oil (but not as often as you might assume).

Full synthetic oil delivers the best possible protection and performance. That said, switching to synthetic blend oil will provide far better results than sticking to conventional oil would, making it a respectable choice for budget-conscious drivers looking for an oil change in Omaha.

Services To Look For in a Synthetic Oil Change

No matter what type of oil you opt for, you should know that some oil changes are better than others. A full-service Omaha oil change goes beyond removing and replacing your old oil with the addition of services such as:

  • Oil filter replacement
  • Engine air filter/in-cabin filter inspection
  • Lubrication of areas such as the hood, door hinges, and chassis
  • Checks for other fluids, such as power steering, transmission, and brake fluids
  • Topping off windshield washer and coolant fluid (if necessary)
  • Inspection of belts, hoses, tire pressure, lights, battery, and wiper blades

Get the Best Oil Change in Omaha

Do you want the best bang for your buck when it’s time for an oil change service? If so, you’ll need to find an Omaha auto shop that delivers oil changes, including all the services listed above. And since full synthetic oil and synthetic blend oil are the best options for drivers in the area, your shop of choice should also offer high-quality synthetic oil changes.

The team at T.O. Haas takes pride in being Omaha’s choice for all kinds of auto maintenance and repair services, and that includes oil changes. When you schedule an oil change in Omaha at your nearest T.O. Haas location, you’ll get top-notch synthetic oil and a full lineup of supplementary services. 

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