Oil Change & Automotive Fluids

Oil Change Set

Change Motor Oil

An oil change service is an easy maintenance procedure that keeps engine parts lubricated and maintains fuel economy. Changing oil at recommended maintenance intervals prevents sludge build up and overheating.

Motor oil becomes abrasive and harms metal components if never changed. This costs you money and overall vehicle longevity. Stick to the maintenance schedule and your vehicle will thank you with better mileage.

Change Brake Fluid

Change brake fluid as directed in your owner's manual. Whenever you step on the brake pedal, brake fluid transfers the force to the brakes to slow or stop your vehicle. Recommended service intervals vary by manufacturer from every few years to once or twice during the life of the vehicle.

It's possible for brake fluid to lose its effectiveness or for leaks to occur. If you experience abnormal brake performance, make sure to have your car brakes checked.

Check Coolant

Coolant or antifreeze prevents overheating and freezing of the engine's cooling system. Like brake fluid, recommended service intervals vary by manufacturer and can range from roughly a few years to a recommended check during every scheduled maintenance service.

Keep an eye on your coolant level to ensure there aren't any leaks. If you ever see the engine temperature warning light turn on, there might be something wrong with your coolant or the amount of coolant remaining.

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