The Dangers of Neglecting Oil Changes in Your Vehicle

what happens if you ignore oil changes

If you want to take care of your car in Omaha, Nebraska, you’ll need to prioritize a few different repair and maintenance services — and none of these services are more important than oil changes. Clean motor oil can keep your engine clean, control engine heat, lubricate your engine’s moving parts, and protect your engine from developing rust.

However, even high-quality motor oil won’t last indefinitely. You could run into serious issues if you wait too long between oil changes. Here’s our guide to the risks associated with neglecting oil changes and tips to help you get the most out of your oil change service.

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Reasons Not To Skip Oil Change Service

When you don’t make an effort to keep up on oil changes, your car could quickly encounter problems such as:

Higher Chances of Engine Trouble

Oil plays several roles in the average engine, and that definitely includes lubrication. When the moving parts in your car’s engine aren’t sufficiently lubricated, they’ll rub against one another. If your car still has a relatively high oil level but it has become dirty, this problem can still rear its ugly head. 

The longer you wait between oil changes, the higher your chances of lubrication trouble will be. If you skip oil changes long enough, your engine could seize or develop another significant problem. At that point, you’ll need to spend a great deal of time and money rebuilding or replacing your engine — assuming you don’t have to buy a new vehicle outright.

Though car trouble can affect any vehicle, regular maintenance will greatly reduce your odds of ending up in this situation. Because of that, you’ll want to visit a trustworthy auto shop for an Omaha oil change every so often.

Reduced Fuel Efficiency

When an engine isn’t fully lubricated, it will need to work extra hard to keep your car running, which means it will burn a higher amount of fuel. Thus, taking oil changes seriously will help you use less gas and save money at the pump.

Less-Than-Optimal Performance

Of course, improper lubrication isn’t the only way aging motor oil can affect your vehicle. As oil ages, it becomes less adept at managing engine heat and keeping your engine clean, affecting your engine’s overall performance. This also means that oil change service comes with substantial performance benefits.

A Revoked Warranty

Did your certified pre-owned or new vehicle come with a manufacturer’s or dealer’s warranty? If so, you could save quite a bit on repairs — if you keep up on auto maintenance. On the other hand, skipping an oil change or two could be enough to invalidate your warranty.

The good news is that you can keep your warranty in place for as long as possible by sticking to the maintenance schedule included in your car’s manual. As you might expect, that document will offer recommendations on when to schedule oil changes.

Oil Change Scheduling: What You Need To Know

At this point, one thing should be clear: There’s no way to be a responsible driver if you don’t schedule oil changes regularly. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need oil changes every 3,000 miles or three months. Though this has gained a reputation as the standard for oil change scheduling, every vehicle’s service needs are different — so you’ll want to create a schedule that works for you.

As mentioned, checking the documentation provided by your vehicle’s manufacturer is the best way to start assembling your oil change schedule. Along with that, you’ll want to account for factors such as:

  • The age of your vehicle. As a rule of thumb, newer engines use oil more effectively than older engines. That’s the result of advances in engine technology (and the fact that engines become less efficient over time).
  • Your oil type of choice. Among its other benefits, full synthetic oil offers a longer life span than other oil varieties.
  • Your personal driving habits. If you regularly travel on dirt roads, tow heavy trailers, drive for long distances below 50 mph, or have other severe driving habits, you’ll want to get oil changes more frequently than usual.
  • The weather in Omaha. Omaha experiences hot summers and cold winters, and both of these temperature extremes can affect your oil’s performance.

Conventional vs. Full Synthetic Oil

Your oil type will partially determine your ideal oil change schedule, so it’s a good idea to read up on your options in this regard. When you’re due for an oil change, take some time to decide which of the two leading oil types is right for your vehicle.

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is the most popular oil type today, consisting of naturally occurring (but partially refined) crude mineral oil. This is primarily because of its low price tag. However, the savings associated with this oil type aren’t enough to outweigh its reduced performance and shorter life span compared to other products in this category.

Full Synthetic Oil

Unlike conventional oil, full synthetic oil is an artificially manufactured product. This oil type excels in heat resistance, engine protection, and service life. Though it costs slightly more than conventional oil, its improved performance more than makes up for that.

Get a Great Oil Change at a Low Price

While it’s easy to see why Omaha drivers would want to save money on auto maintenance, skipping oil changes isn’t the right approach. Even if you save a bit of cash in the short term, neglecting oil change service is never worth it in the long run. As a direct result of this decision, you could end up dealing with anything from pricey repairs to more frequent trips to the gas station.

Instead, you’ll want to find a local auto shop that can handle Omaha oil changes at affordable prices. At T.O. Haas Tire & Auto, we offer the area’s best rates for oil change service, and our customers can save even more by using our online coupons. Plus, thanks to our ASE-certified mechanics, you’ll still get the high-quality workmanship you deserve.

Are you ready to see why T.O. Haas has been Omaha’s choice for auto repair and maintenance since 1947? If you are, schedule your oil change today!

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